Retractable awnings are generally purchased for providing shade for produce in shop windows, i.e. butchers, confectioners or any product that may be adversely affected by sunlight.

Additionally, awnings are ideal for providing cover or shade for customers as they window-shop.

Fixed-frame awnings and canopies can be used to boost the aesthetic appeal of a premises as well as helping to establish a store’s identity. Addditionally, they are ideal for providing cover to outside dining areas and smoking areas.

With many years experience manufacturing bespoke awnings for both commercial and domestic use, Hampshire Canopies offer stylish and cost effective awning solutions to fit the needs of any business. We have supplied our awnings for a range of commercial environments including restaurants, shops, hotels, pubs and other businesses.

With an inspiring collection of fabrics as well as a range of styles to choose from, Hampshire Canopies awnings have the solutions to meet even the most stringent of requirements. All of our awnings can also be sign-written with your company name or logo.

Our commercial awnings are practical and hardwearing. They are durable, easy to maintain and can be fully automated.

We offer the following services to business clients: